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EricVanDuyne.com News Archives...
New gigs
2014.12.11 Couple gigs coming up.

Erics House
2009.04.09 on cdbaby.com


also on itunes. git er done.

cd at cdbaby.com...
2007.10.04 http://cdbaby.com/cd/messageensemble

I almost don't believe myself...new one called 'Eric's House' is in the works and should be finished soon.

All About Jazz...
2007.07.25 Pig Roast was featured as the daily download on July 21st at www.allaboutjazz.com! How cool is that? Thanks to Michael Ricci and the crew at All About Jazz for the feature and for hosting such a great site.

Walking with Jim should be available at cdbaby sometime soon...

Christmas Shopping
2006.12.13 The Housewrecker's cd is now available. I play on two songs somewhere in the middle of it. It's a great cd.


I have Message Ensemble cd's now too.

Does anyone read this crap?
2006.10.25 Yep.

The Message Ensemble cd is damn near ready for legal consumption, so I'm told. I should have some copies in my grubby little mits this Sunday.

I also apparently made an appearance on the new Housewrecker's cd called "King Robinson and The Housewreckers Hit the Big Time". The record release party is Saturday, Oct 28th at Flatlanders. I will be there and may play a song or two with those guys.

All About Jazz...
2006.09.05 Ask for A Raise was featured as the daily download at AllAboutJazz.com on Sept 2, 2006. Thanks to Michael Ricci and all those at allaboutjazz for the feature. I've added a link to the daily download to this site. See if you can figure out where I've hidden it...

hell hath no fury...
2006.08.10 Site updates...can you believe it? Ain't it somethin'?

Check out the superband wasteband page. Posted are selected songs from all of our sessions over the years. A greatist hits compilation, for lack of a better term. Er, sort of anyway.

More stuff on the way! Go on now, git. Shouldn't you be working or petting your dog or something?

Welcome to Hotel California...
2006.08.01 Well well well...

I will try to update my site soon. You probably heard that before. We (runde) put another song on the jazz page; check it out.

I also have a 'myspace' now too. You can find it. I know you can...

Upcoming gigs: Aug 4th, at Muff's bar in Ottawa, IL. That's it for now.

Ya'll come back now...hear?

Too many fricken' gigs...
2005.08.13 Hi. Why are you on this website? Shouldn't you be working?

Thanks to ALL who came out for Swingface Friday, Aug 12th in Coal City. Special thanks to Karen Wills who spread the word for us. We'll be returning there next month to get funky like once again.

Go to Runde's swingface site swingface.severedspace.com to see when and where we're playing next. I don't actually know until I look there myself.

Fan Mail...
2005.06.14 Here's what my cousin has to say about my website:

E-Mail sent from EricVanDuyne.com Contact Me Form
Sender's Name: MARGARET

HEY ERIC!!!! how do you have time to do something like this you nerd. jk.
hurry up and finish the site so all my friends can come check it out. later

I have time Margaret because I'M OLD. Besides, Runde made the site for me, I really don't have too much to do with it.

Well if that don't beat all...
2005.06.10 Well then. Looks like myself and the fellas from Jazz Conceptions will be playing over at Abel's in Grayslake on Friday June 17th. Should be good. We'll be playing some originals by Ken Hall and yours truly. Check out Matt Runde's Swingface site and see when we are playing down the street from your house.

now get OFFline and get ON with your life!

Revenge of the Sith...
2005.06.01 Hi. Here's some news: got some Swingface gigs. Go to Runde's Swingface site. Also playing at Abel's in Grayslake on Tuesday June 7th. Also on June 21st. Band consists of King Robinson, Mike Landers, Brian Alleman, and Jeff Lackey. You posers better be there.

Get your ASS back to work now!

2004.10.24 Site is under construction. My latest project is a jazz record with the finest jazz musicians in Lake County, IL. It will consist of original compositions by the incomparable Ken Hall (vibraphone) and some by yours truly. I should have a few demos available here soon for you to munch on.

Swingface has a few dates on the calendar in 2005. Check out Matt Runde's Swingface site at SeveredSpace.com. Follow your nose to the Swingface page. Look at the photos. Love them. Send us money.

That is all.

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